Personal Training Services

  • Personal Trainer - Fitness

    Health & Fitness

    Depending on your own goals and aims, I will compile a specific programme for you. This will enable you to get to your desired goals as quickly and as safely possible. We will have some fun along the way but ultimately it's you that does the work with my knowledge and expertise guiding you.

  • Personal Trainer - Slimming


    Motivation is the key to successful slimming and ongoing weight management. I will be there for you every step of the way with helpful tips and lots of encouragement. Together we can do it. That's a promise.

  • Personal Trainer - Weight Training

    Weight Training

    This is a crucial part of any health and fitness programme as it promotes good muscle tone and a strong skeleton. I have over 20 years experience in this field and am looking forward to sharing this with you.

  • Personal Trainer - Sports Conditioning

    Sports Conditioning

    If you want the competitive edge in whatever your chosen sport may be, I will work with you to build the correct conditioning programme to get you to where you want to go. I have worked with numerous sports men and women and everyone of them has improved in their sport.

  • Personal Trainer - Ladies Running Club

    Ladies Running Club

    I run the ladies only running club on a Wednesday evening at 6:30pm from my personal training studio. All abilities are welcome and you will find it not only fun but challenging. Call or email me for more details.

  • Personal Trainer - Diet Advice

    Diet Advice

    As a qualified dietary advisor, I give all of my clients sound advice on the pitfalls of the foods we may choose to eat. On the other hand if you are eating right, I can also offer new ideas to break the sometimes monotonous rut you might be in. Call or email me for an informal chat.

  • Rapid Weight Loss Programme
Personal Training

I have spent years slogging it out in the gym, the difference now is I'm doing it right!"

Zoe Brodie