• Jason has been my personal trainer for over a year and I am delighted with the progress I have made. My all round general fitness has increased. Jason helps me target specific muscles in preparation for my sport which is mountain bike racing. I have seen a huge improvement in my results since training with Jason.

    Matt Booker

  • For the first time in years I truly believe with Jason's help I can achieve a body I will be happy with.

    When I met Jason I initially wanted to lose weight and feel good for an up and coming night out. In 4 weeks I lost 2 1/2 inches from my hips and waist and my jeans were lose for the first time in years. Jason helped me achieve a goal in 4 weeks that I had spent 6 months trying to do.

    Jason's sessions are personalized with a capital P. He is dedicated to helping me achieve my new set goals through fun and varied workouts delivered together with dietary advice. With every session not only do I get a beneficial workout Jason gives me underlying knowledge of the benefits and effects of different exercise programmes and nutritional eating plans explained in a way I can easily understand.

    If I ever feel I'm going to fall of the wagon I know Jason is only a phone call away to help keep me motivated to succeed.

    I have spent years slogging it out in the gym, the difference now is I'm doing it right!

    Zoe Brodie

  • Going on holiday in a matter of weeks, I was doubtful I could achieve the body I was after. However, after working with Jason, I'm amazed at what was obtainable in such a short space of time. His sessions were extremely enjoyable and focused on my goals. With a mixture of both cardio and weight sessions with a diet plan alongside, Jason's knowledge and motivation allowed me to improve my body shape and fitness levels. Having him there to guide and encourage me made all the difference and is extremely recommended.

    Emma Ward

  • I've been training with Jason for 3 years. As a semi professional Trials Bike Rider it was important to me to not only maintain my level of fitness but to train specifically for my sport.

    From our first meeting Jason has impressed me with his knowledge of physiology and understanding of my needs. He has designed specific programmes for me which have helped me to develop appropriate muscles and build my fitness for competitions. As well as this Jason has taken an interest in my overall health and diet and helped me to make better choices. His commitment and enthusiasm has motivated me and made my sessions with him fun, challenging and very worthwhile.

    As a result of his help and encouragement in 2007 I became British Champion and achieved a ranking of 14th in my category in the World. In 2008 I competed all over Europe for several months and due to my overall fitness and the right preparation I was able to compete at a higher level without injury. This year Jason is helping me to prepare for World Championships in Australia and New Zealand and a demanding competition season.

    I strongly recommend Jason for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy or succeed in their sports.

    Joe Seddon - Professional Trials Rider

  • Jason has helped me to achieve tremendous progress towards my goals through hard work and effort but in fun and focused sessions.

    Carl Billinghurst - MoreDirt

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I strongly recommend Jason for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy or succeed in their sports. "

Joe Seddon